Board of Directors

The members of Tecumseh elect ten (10) of its fellow members to the Board of Directors, whose job is to manage the co-operative. They normally meet once a month.

Each year, at the Annual General Members meeting, which is going to be held at the BraeBen Gold Course this year, there will be an election to vote in new Board members to replace those who have completed their term. Announcements and nomination forms are sent out in the Fall.



Tecumseh has a number of standing or ad-hoc committees.
These include:

Landscape Committee
Inspection Committee
Finance Committee
Membership Committee
Capital Planning Committee
Maintenance Committee
Newsletter Committee
Inspection Committee Pet Committee
Social Committee
Seniors Committee
Kid's Christmas Committee

For more information please go to the 'Committees' page.

Annual General Member’s Meetings

These are held annually, at the BraeBen Golf Course, in October and attendance is mandatory.

This meeting outlines the Audited Financial Statements, gardening awards, and other co-op information the members need to know. The election of the Board of Directors also takes place at this meeting. There is a reception back at the co-op centre after the meeting to meet the new Board members voted in.
(Babysitting is available during the meeting – please inquire at the Office.)


General Member’s Meetings

These are held randomly through out the year when an issue/situation arises that requires input from the members. Ample notice is given. These are held at the co-op centre.


Rental of Co-op Centre

The co-op centre is available for rent for a variety of functions. The cost to rent the centre is $20.00 however a security deposit of $100.00 is required prior to the event. This deposit is returned upon inspection of the co-op centre to ensure no damage was done and that clean up was complete. You must be a ‘member in good standing’ in order to rent the centre.



We employ a parking control company who issues tickets and are authorized to tow unauthorized vehicles. Make sure to register your guests vehicle with Authorized Parking.

You will be issued a unique pin number to be used when calling in visitors that need to park between the hours of 2 AM -7AM.

**Please note, members and long-term guests are not to park in visitors** ( Parking tickets will be issued. )


If having any guests stay for more than a month, the office needs to be aware. The Board of Director’s can authorize a guest for up to 6 months. If more time is required, a written request needs to be brought before the Board.

Visitors may be asked to complete the membership process if their stay will be lengthy.



You are responsible for minor repairs in, and around, your unit. Should you need assistance, or you feel the job is “major” please contact the office to complete a work order.

Most supplies, such as screens, door locks/handles, smoke detectors, etc, are available from the office.


Spring & Fall Clean-up Days

These are scheduled in May and November and are mandatory. Landscape organizes these days and they supply the tools/supplies you will need to participate. Refreshments are available at the co-op centre. Sign-in is required. Tools & supplies are provided.


Snow Removal

The Co-op employs a company to come plow and salt during the winter months.

However, members are still responsible for the upkeep of your driveway, walkway and stairs.


Outside Appearance

The outside of you unit must be kept neat and tidy. Newspapers, flyers and garbage are to be disposed of properly. Gardens are encouraged! Seasonal decorations must be removed upon completion of the season.


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