Summer Notes


Join Family services of peel and habitual fitness for light virtual fitness classes..!
Join us every Wednesday, during the month of July exercises are older adult friendly movement is the key!
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Annual gardening competition:
We regret to inform the everyone that the gardening competition is cancelled this year. However, we look forward to next year’s competition and encourage members to continue, as always, to take pride in our Co-op’s gardens and our shared common areas.

Landscaping shed key holders:
Names and unit numbers for this year's shed key holders along with times and equipment available can be found on the shed door and in the notice sent to all members by the landscape committee.

Tree branches and common areas:
If you notice a tree branch that needs to be cut, the landscape committee or board of directors need to be consulted.

Paint grant:
Please note: Paint grants are now limited to board approved vendors. Therefore, members need to come to the office to get a paint grant voucher, prior to purchasing the paint. receipts for paint will no longer be reimbursed for paint purchases.

Inflatable swimming pools:
If you have an inflatable swimming pool in your back yard and it is more than 2 feet, according to the by-laws of Mississauga a "swimming pool" and an inflatable pool means any body of water located outdoors contained wholly or partly by artificial means and which will hold water exceeding 61 mm (24 inches) in depth at any point.

Therefore, this is what is required if you have a pool over 24 inches in depth in your yard- you must get a certificate of approval from the City of Mississauga for a fee of $250.00. If you cannot provide this to the office the pool must come down. Therefore, if you have a pool over 24 inches in depth in your yard - you must get a certificate of approval from the City of Mississauga. the fee is $250.00. if you cannot provide this to the office the pool must come down.

Open air burning by-law:
If you are planning on purchasing an outdoor fireplace for instance a chimineas or having a fire in your backyard, the mississauga by-law states it must be at least a distance of more than 50 meters, from any structure, property line, roadway, overhead wire or other combustible article. therefore, no open burning is allowed in your backyard.

Natural gas line to bbq are prohibited in the co-op:
The decision was made several years ago to prohibit natural gas lines being connected to the bbq. the board was of the opinion that converting a barbeque to natural gas could be volatile and hazardous, and not a risk the co-op is willing to assume.

Co-op Appearance:
All members are encouraged that the front of their units be kept in a condition that will reflect pride of ownership. that means cutting and caring for your lawn and not leaving articles or garbage out front. thank you for your cooperation.

Visitor Parking:
In case you are not aware the visitor parking is for visitors only. Members are not allowed to park in visitors at any time nor are long term guests. with the holiday season upon us please do not park your car(s) in visitors. Many members are expecting guests over the holidays and there is limited visitor parking that should be left for any visitor to utilize them. If you have a visitor and they plan on spending the night please register your guest's vehicle by contacting the parking control company at 416-231-9191, or you can also do this online at ezpermit.ca link


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